I was born in 1988 in Chiaravalle, a pleasant town on the Adriatic coast of Marche, Italy.
I have been fascinated by the natural world since I was a child, consuming any wildlife book or TV documentary I could get my hands on - always trying to explore the many fantastic, tantalising wonders of nature.
In 2010 I bought my first Reflex camera and from there I began to experiment with capturing moments.
A trip to Africa in 2014 was like a rebirth for me, awakening in me a deep urge to share with others the stories of fragile lands which are at constant risk from man. But I am also moved by the peace and purity of nature.
After many years of self-taught practise, I have learned how to track wild animals without causing disturbance, and how to wait for the right moment and the better light before taking that definitive image. Although I love to travel and find new photographic challenges, I think there is no better place than home, and what you can find and observe on your own doorstep.
I like to share my ideas with others, using photography as a tool to communicate what I understand in nature.
Photography has a great ability to influence and inspire people, and this is my goal.
Now living in Bristol, UK, I am studying MA wildlife filmmaking and trying to improve myself with patience and dedication, always testing my commitment and experimentation in a quest to create positive impact with my images.

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